Code Black Drone Review

Code Black DroneI was recently scouring the internet for cool drones that I haven’t seen before.

Me? Scour the internet for drones?! Who would’ve guessed?

Anyway, in my search I came across this “Code Black Drone” and was fascinated.

I mean, it has an awesome stealthy-black design… And for its hefty price tag of $69.99, it’d better be good!

Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but it’s really just a rebranded and recolored Hubsan X4. Specifically the Hubsan X4 with an “HD” camera. But that’s neither here nor there.

Code Black Drone vs. Hubsan X4

As stated before, the Code Black drone isn’t very different from the Hubsan X4, a very popular quadcopter. Its 720p HD camera is nearly identical to the H107C model of the Hubsan X4 as is the flight characteristics. If you want to know how the Code Black drone flys, check out our Hubsan X4 review to find exact details.

Here’s a video of the Code Black HD Camera recording a quick flight:

The Code Black copying the Hubsan X4’s design and flight characteristics isn’t all bad news, however.  The Hubsan X4 is one of the best beginner drones after all…

So What’s the Difference?

While the flight characteristics of the Code Black drone and the Hubsan X4 are identical, it’s clear difference comes in its design. The Code Black features an obvious all-black design, which, is a little cooler, I must say.

It also includes a couple of extra goodies in the package such as 2 spare motors and 3x spare sets of propellers. (12 spare propellers, not including the 4 that come on the quadcopter – 16 total!.)

Huge difference, I know… 😉

Is It Worth it?

To evaluate whether or not the $69.99 price tag of the code black drone we need to take a look at everything it includes that the original Hubsan X4 doesn’t.

  1. 3x sets of spare propellers (12 propellers total)
  2. 2x spare motors
  3. 2x spare LEDs
  4. 4x spare rubber landing legs

So, a couple of extra goodies, that’s for sure.

Now, let’s take into account the original price of the Hubsan X4 H107C, about $40 USD. All of the extra goodies I just mentioned can be found in an H107C crash pack for as little as $5. And that’s overestimating the prices.

So the total of these two items comes to about $45 USD. Compare that to the Code Black $70? Hmm… Seems like we’re paying $15 extra dollars for some black paint and just doesn’t seem worth it to me.

DIY Code Black Drone

Say you buy the H107C with HD camera and the crash pack for about $45. That leaves us with $15 left over that we would’ve spent on the code black with HD camera. If you really love the look of the Code Black so much, why not just take that extra $15 and buy a can of spray paint, and make the Code Black drone yourself?

All it would require is taking apart the drone by unscrewing a few screws and removing all of the internal components (flight controller, LEDs and motors). Separate the two halves of the inner body and spraypaint them black! Voila, there you have it, an even cheaper DIY Code Black drone. In fact… I think I’ll be doing that to one of my Hubsan X4’s soon. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

The Final Verdict

This is a pretty simple verdict so i’m going to make it simple. The Code Black drone is a rebranded and overpriced Hubsan X4 H107C. You can buy the H107C and a crash pack for even cheaper than price of the Code Black, and spraypaint the H107C black if you really care about the color that much, and it won’t be very hard to do.


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