Floureon H101 Review

Floureon H101 QuadcopterThe Floureon H101 is an inverted flying quadcopter sized between nano and micro quadcopters.

Sometimes referred to as “3D mode”, the Floureon H101 can switch between inverted and normal flying at the press of a button.

In this review I’ll be going over some of the key features, pros and cons so you can make an informed decision on whether or not this quadcopter is for you.

Let’s get to it!

First Flight Impressions

On first glance, the Floureon H101 was larger than I had expected. Sized in between micro and nano quads, the H101 and included transmitter and accessories all fit neatly in a very compact box.

My first few flights were mainly spent trying to get adjusted to the extremely quick expert mode yaw rate. Yaw is the amount a quadcopter will turn left to right. I would usually yaw too much then have to pull back to compensate. This happened repeatedly for the first few flights, but then I eventually got the hang of it.

The beginner mode does have a much more controllable yaw, but I found it more satisfying to have so much precise control over my quadcopter.

When I flipped into the inverted mode for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised. I could instantly hear the motors grow louder and work harder but it handled flying upside down very smoothly. It even reversed the controls so you don’t have to do so manually. A very neat feature.

Although flight times are short, around 4 minutes each, it’s a joy to fly. This is an excellent trainer quadcopter and still one quadcopter I fly regularly.

Floureon H101 Key Features and Characteristics

Inverted Flying: One of the main draws of the Floureon H101 quadcopter is the ability to fly inverted. At the touch of a button, the quad will flip 180° and continue flying normally. It automatically reverses the controls when you flip, so you don’t need to.

Unlike other quadcopters, you can also take off and land inverted! We all know how annoying it can be to have to walk over to a face-down quadcopter just to flip it over and keep flying. Not with the H101! After a crash, you can take off normally, no matter which side it lands on. Ahh, convenience. 🙂

NOTE: It does put a bit of extra strain on the motors when flying inverted. This will lead to slightly decreased flight times.

Swappable Battery: It’s becoming more and more common for ultra-micro quadcopters to feature replaceable batteries and the H101 is no different. Including a 150 mAh 1s lipo, you can swap batteries in-between flights to continue flying.

Be sure to give the motors a few minutes to cool down in between flights to avoid burning them out!

Dual Rates: The H101 features two distinct flight rates. The first, beginner’s rate, features a controllable yaw and fast flights. Expert rate flies fast as well, with a much more acrobatic yaw rate, perfect for stunts and quick funnels. Be warned, as some pilots complain that the expert mode’s yaw rate is too quick to handle.

Super Quick Yaw: As stated before, the Floureon H101 has an amazingly quick yaw. This is helpful for indoor flights in tight areas as well as overall performance. The amazing yaw of this quadcopter in either rate makes funnels and acrobatics a breeze.

Headless Mode: Headless mode on this quadcopter is quite interesting. Due to it’s very quick yaw rate, you can perform some insane pirouettes (a constant spinning) without affecting the quadcopter’s direction. A cool stunt!

Light and Durable: This is a very light and fast quadcopter and certainly has the durability to keep up. The sturdy plastic of the H101 frame is excellent at handling crashes. Although the propeller guard may seem a bit brittle, it holds up well, even allowing you to hit the ceiling without touching the props.

Built-In Propeller Guard: The H101 propeller guard is built right into the frame. This can be a bit of a nuisance for those of you who like to be able to remove your propeller guard to decrease the weight load and your only option is cutting it off completely.

With that said, I’ve found that cutting the propeller guards off only has a minimal effect on the weight. They’re so light that both flight times and performance were relatively unaffected. This means they were well built and I’d personally recommend keeping them on. They also function as landing legs when landing inverted!.

Can Handle Light Wind: Although I much prefer to fly my H101 indoors, it is certainly capable of flying in light wind conditions. It’s very light and will get blown around easily, but with perfect control, it’s possible to fight the wind by flying against it. Just be careful not to let the wind blow it into any trees!

BayangToys Protocol: The Floureon H101 flys on the BayangToys protocol. This means you can fly it with a BayangToys X9 or modded Devo transmitter, improving the experience of the palm-sized included transmitter.

A Few Drawbacks

Short Flight Times: Flying the H101 with the included 150 mAh LiPo battery only produces around 4 minutes of flight time. With such a small battery bay, there is not much room for improvement.

NOTE: Some pilots have opted to cut their battery bay off completely, only holding the battery to the body by two diagonal crossing rubber bands. If you decide to go this route, keep in mind that heavier batteries can weigh down your quad and affect flight characteristics greatly.

LEDs: The LEDs are red on the front, blue in the back. Many pilots prefer to have red LEDs always in the back, but this comes down to personal preference. As far as LED brightness, they definitely could illuminate through the body a bit more, but with a simple modification, this can be improved.

MOD: Simply cut 4x tiny pieces of dollar store q-tips that are hollow on the inside.  Insert them into each of the 4 LED holes underneath the quadcopter’s arms.

You should see a notable improvement near instantly. Be sure to use Q-Tips that are hollow in the center for maximum illumination!

Orientation: The all red body and black propellers of this quad make it difficult to maintain orientation. Pair that with the sub-par LEDs and you have a recipe for disaster.

I suggest replacing the front or back stock propellers with white propellers to make orientation that much easier. This, combined with the LED mod I just showed you should make orientation manageable at the very least.

Stock Props Falling Off: Many pilots, including myself, have had issues with the stock propellers popping off during inverted flights. I’m not exactly sure why this is, but it seems as if the stock props fit loosely around the motors.

Luckily, it does come with 4 replacement props in the box, and if those aren’t better you can always order cheap replacements.

Recommended Floureon H101 Mods

Here’s a list of some of the best Floureon H101 mods compiled for your inconvenience. Keep in mind that you don’t need to do any of these for an enjoyable flight experience, but they can enhance your experience if you choose to do so.

  1. Dollar store Q-Tips cut into 4x tiny pieces and inserted into the LED holes underneath the arms of the quadcopter.
  2. Replace the stock black propellers with two white propellers in either the front or back for improved orientation visibility.
  3. Bayang Toys X7/X9 transmitter is larger, fits better in hand and more comfortable than the stock RTF transmitter. A modded Devo transmitter works too! Here’s a video of the Floureon H101 being flown with the Bayangtoys X9 transmitter.
  4. Some pilots opt to cut off the propeller guards and use GW008 skull drone propellers. I haven’t personally tested this, but here is a video with this mod in action.

Floureon H101 Quadcopter (2)The Final Verdict


Overall, the Floureon H101 has the unique ability to fly inverted and it does so very well. It’s also a very stable and sporty flier even when flying normally, featuring an insane yaw that allows for quick acrobatics and precise control even in tight indoor spaces.

With the ability to mod this quadcopter to fly in acro mode, it’s an excellent addition to any quadcopter collection. Both beginners can enjoy this fast, cheap and durable quad, while experts can modify the flight control board to fly the H1 in acro mode.

We hope this Floureon H101 review was helpful. Let us know what you think about this quadcopter in the comments below!

– Drone Trove


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