Furibee VR01 FPV Goggles Review

Fuibee-vr-01 FPV GogglesIn only the past few months, the cost for a half-decent pair of FPV goggles has gone down significantly.

A couple of months ago, $50 wouldn’t get you more than a pile of junk in the world of FPV. Maybe a cheap, low-quality FPV monitor, if you’re lucky.

Once you factored in the cost of the additional things you need to buy to get a pair of budget FPV goggles working the cost ended up being well over $100.

What if you’re looking for something cheaper? How about something that works out of the box? That’s where the FuriBee VR01 come in. the FuriBee VR01 FPV goggles are some of the newest and cheapest options currently out there. Let’s take a closer look at these neat FPV goggles and all of its features, pros and cons in this in-depth review!


Screen Resolution and Quality

First things first, how does the Furibee VR01 quality stand up to that of more expensive FPV goggles?

It has a 4.3″ screen with a 480 x 272p and 16×9 aspect ratio. Technical mumbo jumbo aside, that sounds pretty low quality on paper.

But the truth is, the quality was much better than I had expected. Especially for beginners who are just starting out and have never used a pair of high-end FPV goggles to compare it to, these will look and feel amazing.

I’ve used some of the most expensive goggles on the market, and while there is a a noticeable difference, I don’t have any complaints, and have been having a ton of fun using the Furibee VR 01 goggles with my Tiny Whoop.

They do have a very clear feed, that shows well in almost any brightness or weather conditions, even extreme fog, which tends to fog up the screen of other, even more expensive, FPV goggles.

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Fit and Comfort

The next thing to look at when reviewing a pair of FPV goggles is how comfortable it is to wear.

The Furibee VR01 feels extremely comfortable against your face. It has a breathable foam padding that lines the inner rim of the goggles, and doesn’t get too hot even after hours of use.

There is an extra large nose cutout, which some FPV flyers are going to be thrilled about. A common complaint about FPV goggles, even Fatsharks, is that the nose cutout can be a bit too small for some and cause discomfort. Not with the Furibee VR01!

The cutout is actually bit too large for me. This causes a bit of light to leak through, but I’m going to fill it up with some cheap foam padding anyway, so it won’t be an issue.

The screen area isn’t as wide as I had expected and I had trouble fitting my glasses in there. Yours might fit better if they’re not as wide, but i’ve found I don’t need to use my glasses with these goggles anyway. I can see perfectly fine without them, and in fact, it’s a lot more comfortable too.

Range and Reception

The Furibee VR01 FPV has 40 different video channels and a dual antenna system that creates amazing video reception. There definitely is a bit of static, but the quality even rivals some Fatshark HD models, which has an actual diversity system.

The VR01 doesn’t have diversity, but it’s dual antenna system (one cloverleaf right-hand polarized and one patch antenna) provides amazing video signal and I have absolutely no complaints there.

Features and Video Channels

As stated before, the VR01 has 40 video channels as well as auto search and manual search buttons. The ability to sift through channels manually is helpful just in case you ever decide to fly with others so you don’t all crowd the same channels. There is also a button to change the band.

There is a video in-plug included to input an external receiver or any other external video source. Always a welcomed feature.

Power Cable and Battery

The included power cable is a long battery lead with a JST connector. You’ll need to supply the battery yourself and it accepts 2S to 6S batteries (7.4v to 22.2v). Just make sure to plug the battery in the right way, as the grooves on the JST connector of the VR 01 are not clearly defined, meaning you can accidentally plug the battery in the wrong way.

Avoid that at all costs and always make sure to line up the battery wire colors to the same color of the battery lead connector. (Red to red, black to black.)

There is no dedicated slot to insert the batteries, but i’ve found that the side of the headstrap works very well with only two zip ties or a velcro strap holding it in place. Either will work just fine and I prefer the weight of the battery on the side of my head, instead of in the back anyway.

Does the Furibee VR01 Have DVR?

The Furibee VR01 is an amazing FPV system for beginners, but one thing it certainly lacks is a DVR.

A DVR allows you to record your flights and share them with friends, or review the footage to find your quadcopter in case you lose it.

The good news is you can easily mod your goggles to add an FPV DVR for under $25.

The Final Verdict

Overall, the Furibee VR01 is an amazing value. Sure, it may not have the compact design or HD screen of the more high-end goggles such as Fatsharks.

But it truly is one of the cheapest acceptable FPV goggle systems and I don’t think a beginner would have any complaints with the quality of these goggles.

They’re extremely simple to setup and use and I can’t recommend these enough to anyone looking to get into the world of FPV and try out FPV drone racing for the first time, or just someone looking to pickup a pair of spare goggles for a friend to wear while flying.


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